Sunday, March 9, 2008

Who's Migrating to Africa Today?

It is indeed great recent news that the overwhelming majority of the African governments rejected the presence of U.S. military on their soil and saw through the ploy to retain disproportionate control over these vast natural resources as well as drag various populations into the so-called "war on terrorism", which would have been as disastrous as the so-called "Cold War."

Nonetheless, we cannot relax our guard for even a minute. The next Great Threat to our homeland is inward migration from China, Lebanon, India and other crowded territories. I suggest that we all begin to look much closer at the rates of migration to Africa. Ultimately, I am convinced that these immigrants are taking land, skills-based tasks and credibility that is rightfully due the hundreds of millions of Diasporic Africans.

Yet, this will not be resolved without our commitment to move to our own homeland and to provide the critical skills and services necessary to keep our people independent. There is no greater concern that global Africans should be attending to right now then who will control African soil, coastal properties, resources and development over the next 20 to 100 years.

I am going home in the coming years and a great number of the most insightful Africans I know are going to repatriate. When we consider the rate at which non-Africans are migrating to our homeland, sooner will be much better than later.

Keidi Obi Awadu is the founder of Black Star Media. He is the host of a talk radio show on and shares his video documentaries on Contact Keidi at

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Shaun Johnson said...

BaBa Keidi.I can't wait to see you in the motherland.Peace